About Tyler Bliss
          Tyler Bliss is a Criminal Defense Attorney practicing in the Twin Cities metro area and Greater Minnesota. He represents clients on cases ranging from minor shoplifting or DWI charges to serious felonies like criminal sex charges and attempted murder. He is driven and dedicated with a proven track record.
          He became a defense attorney because he knows that when you are facing your worst trouble, you need the most help. You also need someone who is ready to fight for you and to tell your side of the story.

          Mr. Bliss is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School, and before establishing his law firm handled hundreds of cases for Colorado Public Defender. Mr. Bliss does pro bono work in the area of wrongful convictions among others.

          Mr Bliss has won cases through aggressive representation at all stages in the process. Sometimes it is through suppression of evidence in a drug case; other times it is convincing a jury of your peers that you are simply not guilty.
          He also understands that winning in some cases might be a plea that helps you keep your job, your life, your family. Every case is different and different fact patterns and life situations matter. Research, negotiation and courtroom representation all are important pieces of an intelligent, aggressive defense. But he also believes a strong relationship of trust and confidence is vital to any defense.

          Whatever your case, Mr. Bliss will fight for the best possible outcome for you. Please contact us to set up a free consultation. While no result is ever certain in a criminal case, retaining expert representation is the first step in getting back in control of your life.

          Tyler Bliss represents clients throughout the Twins Cities and Greater Minnesota.