People hire attorneys to fight and win. While no attorney can promise a specific result (and if they do you should be very skeptical), Tyler Bliss has shown time and again that he is willing and able to fight for his clients and win. Here are a just few recent results:
This is just a sample of Mr. Bliss's work to show the range of results that lead to positive outcomes for his clients. Every case is different and no result can ever be guaranteed. Give Mr. Bliss a call and put his determination and experience to use to help resolve your case.
Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct client acquitted by a jury of peers. Client restored her good name and avoided registration as Sex Offender

Second Degree Assault charge for firing a gun at an individual reduced to a non-prison felony following extensive pretrial litigation. The Assault charge that carries a mandatory 3 year minimum sentence was reduced to probation.

Gun ownership rights restored following appeal to the FBI. Client was able to hunt this season.

Domestic Assault- case dismissed after Mr. Bliss filed a motion to introduce evidence that showed the complaining witness had a strong motive to lie.

Criminal Sexual Contact reduced to a non-criminal sex charge- kept off client's record so he could stay at his job.

Working with a multi-state team, Mr. Bliss aided in overturning the murder and rape convictions of several individuals who had been falsely convicted of the crimes.

DWI reduced to a speeding charge, keeping client's record clean.